An Indian interior design style captures the ideals of India. Dark wood and bright rich colours, that are a nod to the spice markets of India. Detail can be in the furniture, as seen in the middle picture below. This style is full of detail and pattern but not cluttered.



Pattern.Paisley is the most popular pattern and Indian silk and cotton are the popular textiles of choice in Indian home décor.

Color is the most distinct characteristic of Indian interior design as the country itself is a land characterized by different colors, languages and cultures. Rich, dark, vibrant colors and deep burnt shades against lighter backgrounds define the color pallet of Indian interior design.

decor. use idols, statues, embroidered rugs and wall hangings that feature the good old gods, kings and other prominent figures of Indian mythology. Mirrors, oil lamps and other ornaments made of bronze, brass, copper and gilded gold also make up for good Indian home décor items.



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